Maison Esnault

Maison Esnault

Maison Esnault consists of three activities that are led by two art craftspeople.

Maison Esnault Cutlery Maison Esnault Jewelery Maison Esnault Ironworks

Tristan Esnault,
a knife-maker and blacksmith, supervises the cutlery activity with our team of knife-makers,
from the folding knife to the Damascus steel sword.

Anne-Sophie Esnault,
a jewelry maker, supervises the jewelry activity with our team of jewelers,
from your silver set to your gold engagement ring.

Tristan Esnault,
supervises the ironwork activity with our team of metalworkers,
from your lights to your winding staircase’s banister.


Maison Esnault
Forge Esnault has been created by Tristan Esnault, a knife-maker and a blacksmith since 1998.

Forge Esnault the craft business of hand forged cutlery, has opened up new perspectives by producing handicraft jewelry thanks to the skilled jeweler Anne-Sophie Esnault. This one has been a jewelry maker since 2003. The meeting between Forge Esnault and craftsmen in wrought iron, has enabled this craft business to meet the demands in wrought iron or ironwork from 2006. Maison Esnault created in 2013, is the fruit of the development of these three activities. The craft business is proud to show its Vendean origin on both the national and international levels.